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key-outside.jpgKey Restaurant Maleny brings you the authentic Tastes of Africa.


The story behind our food...


Our Chef, Simone Butler, is a culinary artist known for her accomplished cuisine which is a masterful blend of African, Caribbean and Mediterranean culinary influences.


Simone is a Ghanaian who has settled on the Sunshine Coast with her husband Luke and she has devised a fascinating mix of international flavours.

“The cuisine that I am used to,” says Simone, ”uses a lot of different spices. I gravitate towards food that has a big spice hit and it influences my cooking. It’s always fascinated me – using spices and herbs to make food interesting and delicious and different.”

“One of the things that intrigues me,” adds Simone, ”is that places that are geographically far apart can have similar tastes. Like the Balinese who have a paste made from dried fish or prawns and it’s something very similar to a paste that we have in West Africa.”  The Restaurant is Fully Licenced.

African Drum, Dance, Workshop & Gourmet Buffet  Lunch Watch for our next Event

Our Chef Simone offers you a festive "Tastes of Africa" cuisine that expresses all the flavours of Africa together with traditional African Drumming and Dance Performance by Ghanaian master drummer, Nii Armah. Workshop participation to follow - all welcome to join in, especially kids - big ones (you know who you are) as well as small ones.
Liminted numbers
P: (07) 5429 6536


watch for our next event  



Friday Night Buffet

"Tastes of Africa" All inclusive Buffet $45


A special feature at the Key Restaurant Maleny is the Friday night "Tastes of Africa" buffet, which is already appealing to locals and short stay visitors. The buffet presentation gives them the opportunity to try new tastes from Africa

Adults - $45per person including a 3 courses meal.
Kids (under 12 YO) - $15 per child including a 3 courses meal.
Download our New Friday Night Buffet Menu


Special  Buffet Lunch    "Tastes of Africa"  followed by Drums, Singing, Dancing & Workshop by African Master Drummer Nii Armah.  watch for our next event.

We are really happy to invite you to an Authentic African Drumming, Dance & Workshop Session together with "Tastses of Africa" gourmet  Buffet  Lunch for $50.00 per person .

Watch for our next event followed by a Dance & Drumming   Workshop  , so don't miss out! Book online, on Facebook or  Phone  (07) 5429 6536.

 Get a full African experience! 
 "Tastes of Africa" Gourmet  Buffet Lunch   plus African Dance, drumming & workshop! for  $50.00 per person Children under 12 $20.00 per Child.

For more information, follow us on Facebook or simply call us at (07)-5429 6536.